Voice Lesson

Voice Lessons

It is important that every singer is taught a natural and healthy technique.
Individual attention and guidance through the vocal process is my specialty.

Why Study With a Voice Teacher?

There are many reasons why a singer may wish to take singing lessons. Perhaps your voice is not capable of handling the demands of your type of music, or you have problems with pitch, difficult “breaks” at pivotal points, a limited range or if you find your voice is easily and quickly tired during a performance or rehearsal, you would benefit from good vocal instruction. If you lack control and consistency, and lack confidence as a result, voice lessons will help. And especially if you consistently audition for shows and aren't cast perhaps it's time to study.

Mission Statement


To nurture, advance and create a community of young artists, fortifying their lives and those of their families, schools, communities and beyond, through the study and performance of theatre.

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